Our eco certificate is extended

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We are delighted to announce that Eco-hotel Carrubba renewed Green Key certificate for the 2 years!
green key 2020

Boka Kotorska in the paintings of the XIX century artists

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Photography is of great power. But the painting is even stronger since the image that the viewer sees has already been passed through the gaze, figurative perception, the artist’s imagination. As a result, beauty in the eyes of the artist is superimposed on beauty in the eyes of the viewer. And this is a double beauty!

We invite you to see the double beauty of our amazing places — Boka Kotorska. Multiply what you saw here with what you see with your own eyes. And it will be a beauty multiplied by three!


Riblja čorba (Riblya Chorba) is another symbol of the seaside Montenegrin cuisine. Actually, the dish is simple and one of the most traditional in the country. This thick fish soup is usually on the menu of each local restaurant. But the dish is so wonderful, and you just need to try it. Most likely, having tried Riblja čorba once, you will order it over and over again during your stay in Montenegro.

The soup is prepared in restaurants in the morning, after cleaning the morning catch. All that is not suitable for serving as a la carte dishes are perfect for this dish. The remaining pieces of boneless white fish are marinated in lemon juice for a couple of hours, which makes fish fillets more delicious and resistant to cooking. In the same time all bones, skin, tails, fins are to cook thick fish broth.
When the broth is ready, fish and other ingredients are put into it.

Usually, riblja čorba includes:
white fish (including local cod)
sweet purple bow
paprika of different colours
tomato (but often not included)
olive oil
ground sweet paprika
celery root or stalks
black pepper

As a rule, the dish is served along with a slice of lemon, which can be squeezed in to give it a fresher taste.
Apparently, for a typical European tourist one big bowl is a whole lunch.

Winter is almost over

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A bit of fantastic Montenegrin blues this winter evening – enjoy!

(P.S. Meanwhile summer is coming)


A drop of France in Montenegro

The unique chance to enjoy real French wines in Montenegro – do not miss it!

The new wine list is available now at our Carrubba restaurant.

It features a meticulously selected collection of Henry de Bellegarde wines from the best Franch winemakers – the first time in Montenegro.

P.S. Some of that wines have been served on the wedding of the H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco!

wines Henry de Bellegarde


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We are waiting for you at the first Forum of Russian culture in Europe!

23 – 29 September 2018


The best place to take your wedding photos

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Carrubba hotel for the 5th consecutive year is recognized as one of the best places to take your wedding photos in Montenegro.


“Hi I along with my wife we stayed at Eco Hotel Carrubba last June when direct flights from Dubai to Tivat were inaugurated and in fact we were on the inaugural flight. We loved our stay at the Eco Hotel Carrubba and loved the country Montenegro. We made a video of our stay there and would like to share it with you”

Ambrish Lulla
The music piece is a Montenegrin song “Dreams” (Snovi) by Srdjan Bulatovic and Darko Nikcevic


Simply the best – for you!

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Eco hotel & restaurant Carrubba and Tivat Touristic organization present:

Charming snowy Kotor

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