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As you know, the eco-status of our hotel Carrubba has been confirmed by the Green Key certificate for many years and this year we have again showed our compliance with the standards. We believe that the current situation in the field of tourism and hospitality will soon end and we are ready to welcome our guests and provide them with an eco-friendly holiday.

Wild beauty of Montenegro: Prokletije

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Rocky landscapes, sharp peaks, wild and difficult to access nature, are the reasons why Prokletije got its name, which is associated with the cruelty of this mountain massif and the hard life of the people who are living in this area. On the other hand, the visual impression you will experience during the first encounter with Prokletije very quickly changes the impression of the natural beauties of this area, magnificent lakes, pastures, and forests. The geographical position of Prokletije and the relatively poor traffic connection with the surrounding places have made this mountain still a very interesting and inexhaustible source of exploration of untouched nature, especially attractive to nature lovers, mountaineers, and alpinists, people with an adventurous spirit.

Hello again!

Everyone drinks coffee. But tea is for philosophers!

We hasten to inform that the bar Punto Crudo is open again and is waiting for you.

Punto Crudo Caj 20208

Dear present and future guests!

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We send you lots of positive energy, nice thoughts, best wishes and unconditional love. 

Photo: Fedor Swarovski

04-2020 fedor sw

Under the carob tree

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Did you know that the name of the Carrubba hotel appeared due to the proximity of a huge one and a half-century-old carob? In the Sicilian dialect of Italian, this tree is called that way. It is really magnificent and inspires our guests, as a result of which the following pictures appear:

under the carob tree punto crudo