Why visit Montenegro? Because it is a unique place!

A tiny country almost in the centre of Europe which has a striking natural diversity. On the territory comparable in area to the Moscow Region there are:

  • the deepest canyon in Europe;
  • the largest lake of the Balkan Peninsula;
  • mountains and sea shore with the purest water;
  • and of course there is such a fantastic place as the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska) which can be regarded as one of the Wonders of the World!

What else is there?

Balkan cuisine
Apart from the beauties of nature and historic sites Montenegro deserves a visit due to its unforgettable Mediterranean-Balkan cuisine. Fresh marine products, vegetables, fruit, delicious meat, famous cheese and, essentially, Pršut – the pride of the Montenegrin! – and it’s only a small part of the gastronomic splendor the true gourmets can indulge themselves with.

Local wines
And the wine! Sure enough, they don’t have the French diversity, but that scarce variety of grapes provided by the Montenegrin soil enables the local winemakers to deliver outstanding products. And they by right take top places at international winemakers’ contests. The famous “Vranac” is a real red wine with bright and memorable taste while its price is comparable to that of mineral water (which, it should be noted, is also very tasty and wholesome)!

In that wonderful country everyone can get the type of rest they really need: beach or mountains, historic or nature excursions, slow and meditative sailing or water-skiing and water scooters. And won’t you forget about mountain skiing in winter? Or boar hunting? And discotheques and casinos? We can offer yachting enthusiasts training at a yacht school providing an internationally recognized license which would enable you to lease sailing boats all over the world….

Interested? Then we are waiting for you at our hotel!