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Hey, Montenegro! Listen to Omar! Omar Torrez. One of the most prominent guitarists of our time.

September 20, 2019, 19.30, Hotel Zebra, Tivat

Tom Waits band guitarist, winner of the Jimmy Hendrix guitar competition, student of Juan Serrano, flamenco virtuoso, salsa, blues, rock and funk master and just an incredible musician comes to Montenegro.

Don’t miss!

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Omar Torrez literally burst into the music scene. In the Seattle Opera Concert Hall during the Bumbershoot Festival, he stepped out with someone else’s guitar in his hands and won the Jimmy Hendrix National Guitar Competition.

After that, he formed a group that played a mixture of funk, rock, blues, as well as Afro-Cuban rhythms, which became popular on the west coast of the United States.

Then Torrez became interested in the music of Andalusian gipsies, flamenco and Cuban salsa. Flamenco taught him to play the famous guitarist Juan Serrano. As a result, Torres became a skilled classical guitarist and flamenco performer.

The talent of the musician was noticed by the cult artist — Tom Waits. He invited Omar to his band as a concert guitarist for the 2008 European and American Glitter and Doom tour.

The guitarist shared the stage with artists such as Jethro Tull, Tony Levin, Bill Laswell, Kinky, Sidestepper, Pancho Sanchez, Mumiy Troll, Nortec Collective, Francisco Aguabella, Kanye West and many others.

Omar Torrez created his own musical style, combining blues, rumba, funk and various very unexpected musical experiments.

Omar Torrez’ album «A Night of Serious Drinking» (2012) was produced by Tony Berg, who previously worked with artists such as Michael Penn, Bob Dylan, Pink, Public Image Ltd.

Among the latest projects of Omar — «Cancion Maldita», a collaboration with the famous Mexican DJ Roberto Mendoza.