At Carrubba Hotel we care about:

o   Creating a better environment quality for both inside and outside the hotel

o   Reducing the negative impact on environment

o   Getting involved in the local community and the common local actions

o   Reducing the consumption of water and energy

o   Recycling

o   Offering a range of local products to our guests

o   Encouraging guests to participate in our actions

o   Sharing our Environment Policy with our staff

Our Goals for 2017 and 2018 are:

Reducing our energy consumption by 20% by:

                              Installing solar panels (active since May 2017)

                             Using 75% of LED bulbs (50% already fitted in May 2017)

Reducing our water consumption by 10% by:

                                   Reducing the water flow on taps and showers by 75% in guest bedrooms

                             Offering to our guests the possibility to reuse their towels

Reducing our impact on the environment by:

                                   Using eco-labelled SPA products in guest bedrooms

                             Using eco-labelled cleaning products

                             Encouraging our guests to use public transportations and bicycles

  Training the housekeeping staff to reduce the use of chemicals when possible

Communicating to our staff and guests about recycling

Participating in the local community activities by:

                                   Increasing the offer of local products on the guest menu

                             Choosing organic products when available

                             Including our guests to community actions when appropriate