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John Broadley told Lonely Planet his experience in Montenegro was similarly inspiring. “Montenegro is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in the world. The sheer faces of the mountains collide with the sea so abruptly and dramatically, it’s hard not to be in awe of the place!“ John visited the country with Untravelled Paths for a total of six days. He got to visit “two very different sides of the country”, he said, “from the busy streets of Kotor town to the sparse, rural national parks and mountain tops in Plav. They both offered equally beautiful scenery but were vastly different.”

The Montenegro drone video captures the dramatic landscapes, but also the bustling coastal towns that are becoming increasingly popular with tourists and cruise ships. “One minute you’re in the heart of one of the richest harbours in the world, and a ten minute drive away, you’re in the middle of rural Montenegro where all you can see is mountains and cows and the odd person here or there.” John said he can’t wait to go back to the country and had particular praise for the people he met there. “No matter where you went, everyone was very kind, helpful and welcoming.” The city of Kotor was chosen by Lonely Planet as their top city to visit in 2016 for Best in Travel.

The footage in this showreel was filmed by the JAAM Brothers on behalf of White Giant.