Riblja čorba (Riblya Chorba) is another symbol of the seaside Montenegrin cuisine. Actually, the dish is simple and one of the most traditional in the country. This thick fish soup is usually on the menu of each local restaurant. But the dish is so wonderful, and you just need to try it. Most likely, having tried Riblja čorba once, you will order it over and over again during your stay in Montenegro.

The soup is prepared in restaurants in the morning, after cleaning the morning catch. All that is not suitable for serving as a la carte dishes are perfect for this dish. The remaining pieces of boneless white fish are marinated in lemon juice for a couple of hours, which makes fish fillets more delicious and resistant to cooking. In the same time all bones, skin, tails, fins are to cook thick fish broth.
When the broth is ready, fish and other ingredients are put into it.

Usually, riblja čorba includes:
white fish (including local cod)
sweet purple bow
paprika of different colours
tomato (but often not included)
olive oil
ground sweet paprika
celery root or stalks
black pepper

As a rule, the dish is served along with a slice of lemon, which can be squeezed in to give it a fresher taste.
Apparently, for a typical European tourist one big bowl is a whole lunch.