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As a city of olives, the sea gate of Montenegro, long-lasting melting-pot of different confessions and nations, Bar represents a mix of modernity, tradition and beauty. It is an important and dynamic economic centre within Montenegro, but is also a town of rich cultural and historical tradition. Some of the highest achievements of Montenegro’s civilization originated in Bar. The oldest written documents and the most important work of medieval Montenegrin literature and history can be found here. The town also served as the seat of the oldest religious institution of Montenegro (the Bar archbishopric).

But our story is about one of the world’s oldest olive trees grows here, the Old Olive of Mirovica, which is more than 2000 years old.

This is for sure one of the TOP and MUST VISIT PLACES in Montenegro. When you go from Bar to Ulcinj, after only a few miles from the center, there is OldOlive. Very nice exterior and atmosphere, definitely offer something that every tourist can wish for.

More Then 2000 Years Old Olive Tree

The Old Olive Tree at Mirovica is claimed to be one of the oldest olive trees in the world, and it is believed to be the oldest tree in Europe. Its age is assessed to more then 2000 years. Because of its natural morphological, esthetic and historical significance, this exceptional monument of nature is proclaimed natural resource and put under State Protection 1957.

This noble and long-living woody evergreen plant belong to the class of domestic variety of the so called “zutica” to which major part of olive trees on the Montenegrin coast belongs to.

Its wide, curved, knotty and extensively ramifying tree with over 10 meter in diameter, with extraordinary and unique knob sand large crown with salutary fruit with egg-like kernels, and relatively tiny silver-grey green leaves represent the unique visual sight and original touristic attraction of Bar.

And this is one of the reasons why you need to visit this beautiful Town Bar on the Montenegro Coast. Do not forget to visit some Olives plantations around the Old Olive tree and to enjoy in Olive Oil, domestic green and black olives, domestic cheese and wine, and many other traditional specialities.